I’m a feminist illustrator, creator and artist with an activist heart. With my imagery I’m challenging the stereotypical frames that society has build for women and break them down. 

My goal is to normalise our female bodies, our sexuality, and reclaim them back as ours. For they were always ours. 

Graduated in 2019 from the Willem de Kooning Academy, where I followed a bachelors in illustration. I was part of lasts year BNO Young Allumni at the Dutch Design Week 2019 were I exhibited my graduation project ‘Reclaiming Lilith & Female Sexuality in the Digital World.’ 


– MAY 2017 @Woorden worden zinnen, Dolhuis Dordrecht
– NOVEMBER 2017 @Indie in Town, Sugarfactory Amsterdam
– MARCH 2019 Mama Cash Feminist Festival @ WORM Rotterdam
– AUGUST 2019 Vegan Lunch Room, Pachamamis @ Rotterdam

– MAY 2016 @Toast, Bar Rotterdam
– JUNE 2017 @Girlclub, Mono Rotterdam
– NOVEMBER 2017 @Alphen Art, Alphen a/d Rijn
– SEPTEMBER 2018 @POW! WOW! Rotterdam & Rewriters010, PART01 group exhibition, Rotterdam. 
– SEPTEMBER 2019 La fete de la femme @Klaproos Amsterdam
– OCTOBER 2019 Dutch Design Week // YA Under Construction, made possible @BNO
– NOVEMBER 2019 KONTRA, Roodkapje Rotterdam

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